Own or Operate Buildings?

Own or Operate Buildings?

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If you are a Facilities Manager, Sustainability Manager, Plant Manager, Warehouse Manager, CFO, COO or CEO, we’d like to talk to you.


Focus on Growing Your Business While We Manage Your Energy

With 30 years’ experience helping a cross-section of Canada's major 500 corporations in National Retail, Warehousing & Distribution, Multi-Res, Manufacturing, Food Production and Recreation Facility verticals, clients choose Lambert Smart Energy to implement specific energy solutions to fit their business, improve the bottom line and reduce their carbon footprint.

Lambert Smart Energy is a valuable resource for your business.

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Gain Control

Yes it’s true, the cost of energy is not going down, but you can benefit with a prudent approach to mitigating risk and conserving energy.

Lambert Smart Energy knows from experience that if your business operates multiple facilities across multiple gas and electric utility company jurisdictions, there is chaos that needs to be reined in. Lambert Smart Energy helps you secure control of your energy costs a year at a time and will help you identify energy conservation opportunities, potential funding and provide you with a pro forma of costs and return on investment.

Lambert Smart Energy will introduce you directly to the manufacturers/suppliers. No middle man!

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Why Choose Us

John Lambert has been in the energy commodity management space since the late 1980s, when natural gas markets were deregulating. In the ensuing years, electricity markets also deregulated and John was right there, surrounded by some of the electric industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced experts. John has been helping a wide cross section of businesses purchase their energy requirements on an annual basis with each customer’s specific requirements in mind. John has shown his customers how to eliminate risk and reduce and sustain commodity costs on a fiscal year by year basis.

Working alongside you as your energy advisor, Lambert Smart Energy collaborates with and directs its partners to design energy solutions appropriate to your budget and risk profile while enhancing the performance of your energy use. Work with Lambert Smart Energy and enjoy smooth sailing.