Energy Solutions

Lambert Smart Energy will never invoice your company as we are an advisor/broker of energy solutions and our income is earned from the referral fees paid by the suppliers.

Energy Commodity Procurement

Benefit from our 30 years of experience providing customized strategies to purchase electricity and natural gas based on ‘index’ pricing, ‘fixed’ pricing or ‘insurance price cap' pricing, all designed to provide budgetary certainty and competitive costing based on your usage patterns and risk tolerance.

John has assessed the market place and selected Direct Energy Business as the leading supplier in this space. They have shown John’s customers that there are numerous strategic methods to buying either natural gas or electricity that can deliver lower operating costs and less risk. Direct Energy Business is the largest, direct supplier of energy in North America and as such has the credit worthiness to be creative in its pricing plans. They have an unrivaled portfolio of advanced end-to-end energy solutions.

There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ energy strategies, which is all that is available from regulated utilities. That's why our solutions are built around your needs. Lambert Smart Energy is an authorized Direct Energy broker of energy supply pricing plans for commercial and industrial customers.

Ask us about Direct Energy’s other strategic energy management offerings that range from Solar Solutions, Renewable Energy Credits, Combined Heat & Power Generation, Real Time Energy Monitoring and Verification.

Fixed Pricing
Budget with confidence and reduce the risk of rising energy prices by locking in a fixed rate on an annual basis.

Index Pricing
Capture potential opportunities in the natural gas market while still managing your risk tolerance.

Fixed & Indexed Blended Pricing
Take a structured, disciplined and documented approach to your natural gas purchasing decisions.

Capped Price Protection
Minimize risk and maximize opportunity by adding price caps on your market purchases.

Customized natural gas strategy from our energy experts based on your energy goals

Fixed Pricing
Take control of your energy and minimize your risk of price volatility by securing a fixed rate on an annual basis

Fixed Energy Plus
Take control of your spending with a fixed supply rate & the ability to lower pass-through charges.

Block & Index Load Profiling
Optimize your electricity spend and balance your pricing in ‘off-peak’ and ‘on-peak’ pricing segments.

Load Following Block & Index
Structure your electricity purchases with a multi-layered strategy of fixed and market based indexed purchases.

Optimize your energy strategy with a solution that blends fixed-price, block and market-based purchases.

Get the flexibility to pursue competitive fixed pricing at a later, more advantageous date and capitalize on value in the wholesale market.

LED Lighting Solutions

State of the art ULC and DLC approved products, direct from the manufacturer. LED lighting for all commercial and residential fixture styles. Turn-key complementary lighting audits and project development (product supply, installation, waste removal, lift rental, rebate applications and product warranty) or material purchases only. No upfront capital required…ask about “FUNDING FROM ENERGY SAVINGS” opportunities.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Advanced technology chargers for commercial and multi-residential installations with several chargers strategically located as required. Smart Charging Stations, Advanced Charging Stations and Credit Card based Kiosk (revenue generating) Charging Stations with short charge times. No upfront capital required…ask about REVENUE SHARING programs.

Real-time Energy Monitoring

With industry-leading partner EnPowered, we can validate short-term energy performance for specific energy-related projects or for real-time monitoring as a course of daily performance optimization (peak shaving/load shedding) for demand response or other IESO-incentivized initiatives.

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“In 2014 Lambert Smart Energy reviewed all my business’s energy purchases, past and present and developed a strategic plan to get my costs under control and keep me from going down a rabbit hole with a disreputable energy commodity supplier whose only interest was signing me up to five-year contracts. Lambert also organized a three bid tender to retrofit my lighting to LED and created a normalized proposal analysis so that I could compare ‘apples to apples.  Very helpful.”

Bill Swartz, Former CEO, Butcher Industrial Finishings Brampton ON.

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